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Programmatically Pull Attachments from WordPress Posts

One of my favorite tricks in using WordPress as a CMS is to have it handle photo resizing and insertion into pages automatically. For example, swissmiss and I just launched Convert (a NYC based Green Roof Service) today. Within the projects section they display photos of the green roofing projects they’ve done and let you download a project sheet PDF. … More

Plugin Update: PDF Bookmark bug fix and French translation

If you are having problems with the bookmark plugin not working for some documents, this update (1.2) should fix that. The update also adds a French translation to the Bookmark menu and provides an installation path for Linux users. Thanks to TitCouille for help with all of those items. The plugin should work correctly for Adobe Reader 7, 8 and … More

Plugin Update: PDF Bookmark for Adobe Reader 8

Some of you may already be using the PDF bookmark plugin I put together for Adobe Reader. It provides a quick and easy way to bookmark the page your on and return back to that spot later. It’s especially handy when reading large PDF books. Thanks to the input of Michael Hartl, I updated the plugin to work properly with … More Slider Demo : Update Text Field and Change Slider

For those of you using the Slider demos I’ve just added a new one. Sometimes you may have a slider and a text field to show the value. This example lets you change the value in the text box and the slider will update to match the value. Example: Change Slider Value by Changing Text Input Field Slider Demos and Example Code

I’ve been following along the Slider Demo discussion area recently and have tried to answer questions when possible. Since it’s difficult to post examples to the discussion I’ve compiled a more extensive set of Slider demos. Some are examples that I’ve wanted and others are in response to questions in the discussion area. The demo code includes the following … More

has_many :through Self-referential Example

While using an association table for the first time with Ruby On Rails I had a bit of trouble finding an easy to understand example of has_many :through. I needed to build a self-referencing table where People could have other People as friends through a Friendship. I was getting “stack too deep” errors, “could not find the association” errors, and … More

Using Mouse Wheel to Control Slider

You may have noticed that Google Maps will zoom in and out when you use your mouse wheel (or trackpad scrolling). If you want to do the same thing using the JavaScript Slider here is an example to get you started. The example uses a slightly modified version of Adomas Paltanavicius’ mouse wheel event code. Firefox 1.5 seems to … More

Execute Rails Code Before the View is Rendered

At one time, I was looking for a way to execute code for every action in my controller before the view was rendered. I saw this come up again yesterday in the #rubyonrails IRC channel so I looked at it a bit more. Currently, Rails provides a before_filter method which will “run before actions on this controller are performed” or … More

Writing a Custom FormBuilder in Rails

I’m currently working on a Ruby on Rails application where I need lots of text fields that have the same properties. I decided to override text_field and have it output all of the extra attribues automatically. This helps keep the view code cleaner, lets me change all of these text fields in one place, and also helps me avoid typing … More

Plugin: Bookmark A Page In Your PDF

With the long, yet wonderful, books in PDF format these days (Agile Web Development with Rails by Dave Thomas and David Heinemeier Hansson with Leon Breedt, Mike Clark, Thomas Fuchs, and Andreas Schwarz [570 pages]; Programming Ruby by Dave Thomas, with Chad Fowler and Andy Hunt [864 pages]) there needs to be a better way to digitally bookmark where you … More