Category Archives: Gatherings の裏側 – WordCamp Tokyo 2011

I’ve had an amazing time in Japan during my visit for WordCamp Tokyo 2011. Thanks to everyone who came to see the presentation and made me feel so welcome! Download the PDF – の裏側 (Behind the Scenes of

ConvergeSouth 2011

Thanks to everyone for visiting my WordPress for Business Sites presentation at ConvergeSouth 2011. Here are the slides with links to the resources we talked about. More

WordCamp New Zealand & Melbourne 2011

I just got home from a month-long trip in Australia and New Zealand that involved visiting family, two amazing WordCamps (New Zealand and Melbourne), the Sydney WordPress meetup, Webstock, and a bit (ok, lots) of fun. A big shout out to the organizers who put on these fantastic events. It’s always amazing to see the communities come together to share … More

WordCamp NYC 2010: WordPress Security Presentation

A big thanks to everyone who made it to my Hardening Your WordPress Installation presentation at WordCamp NYC 2010. Here’s a PDF of the WordPress security presentation which contains links to the sites that were mentioned.

WordCamp San Francisco

There’s an amazing lineup of speakers at WordCamp SF tomorrow. I’m grateful to be a part of the list and hope you’ll join me for a riveting session titled “Living with Our Computers… and Keeping it Healthy“. You’re guaranteed to laugh as I make fun of myself and discuss the ups and downs of the co-dependent relationships we have with … More

Meetup: WordPress in Depth

As part of the Triad Web Meetup blogging series, I’ll be giving a detailed look at how to use WordPress. Some of the items that will be covered include: Walking through a WordPress installation on a web server Navigating the admin tool Installing themes and plugins Customizing themes Using WordPress as a Content Management System The possibilities of WordPress (it’s … More

WordCamp New York City 2009

Soon after the swissmiss AIGA talk in Milwaukee (November 6th) I’m going to hit WordCamp NYC (November 14-15). Hope to see you there!

Meetup: jQuery Overview

Have you seen animations on sites without the use of flash? Have you noticed calendars widgets, drag n’ drop features, fading elements and all sorts of dynamic things happening on websites these days? Have you heard of AJAX and want to know what it is and why it’s such a big deal? jQuery is a JavaScript library that lets you … More

Meetup: Intro to WordPress

This meetup I’ll be covering how to install WordPress from scratch, getting started with creating/modifying a WordPress theme, the basics of the admin and show some examples of what can be done with WordPress as a CMS. Bring your questions and any WordPress sites that you’d like to show the group. All skill levels should be able to take away … More

Meetup: Free Web Consultation

Do you have a website you’re thinking about building? Want suggestions on how to make your site better? Stumped on a technical project? Have a web related question? Want to hear what questions other people are asking? Bring your questions and ideas to the next meetup because we’ll be giving our free professional (and personal) advise. We’ll answer questions, give … More