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Tina Roth Eisenberg inspires me

Tina (a.k.a. swissmiss) has been an amazing friend and continued inspiration since the day we met. I’ve been fortunate to work with her, meet her family (and feel like I’m a part of it), and watch her well-deserved success explosion. Tina is as genuine and awesome as she appears. Not only do I think the world of her, I also … More

Happy Birthday WordPress!

photo by kirtaph A very happy 5th birthday to WordPress. Thank you for the late nights and all of the love you’ve given me. Update: And a happy 3rd birthday to the swissmiss blog!

The newest member of the crew

For years my brother, Glenn, and I have talked about working together. I’m ecstatic to say that it finally happened! Glenn started his own business, Glenn Fu, and we’re teaming up on projects. He’s a strong developer and getting his feet wet in the small-business/freelance world. Right away, he picked up Ruby on Rails and is making sure our code … More

abitare Brooklyn

I’ve had the fortunate pleasure of working with Tina Roth Eisenberg over the past few weeks on a project. Her client abitare, a home accessories and gift store in Brooklyn Heights, needed a website and I was able to help construct the newest addition to Tina’s many beautiful creations. I got the chance to see the shop and meet Lizzie … More

Moment of Open Source Zen

Every day, as a developer, I’m grateful for the thousands of programmers around the world who have so graciously shared their time, knowledge, and programming code. I have access to millions of lines of free code at any moment through the Internet which allows me to write programs more easily, learn new concepts, and make a difference in society. Yes, … More

More Proof That Simplicity Pays

While actually on a flight, I came across an interesting New York Times article discussing US Airways bid to acquire Delta. Now, I’m interested in this possible acquisition due to all of my travels but more so due to the charts they provided. As you probably noticed, US Airways and Delta rank pretty high in customer complaints, which doesn’t bode … More

Net Neutrality Interview with Craig Aaron of Free Press

If you’ve not heard about Net Neutrality please listen to the most recent and extremely informative Conversation with Andy Coon (about 25 minutes long). Everyone needs to know how important the issue of Net Neutrality is and how Congress is trying to push a law that would give telephone and cable companies the ability to decide what we see on … More

Boys & Girls Club Is Getting Viral With It

Today, I was fortunate enough to give a presentation on HTML to the Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club of Greensboro. A number of directors from the local units came to Central Unit’s computer lab where they built their first web page by hand. Organized by Ndesanjo Macha (not only is Ndesanjo Unit Director at Central Unit but he’s is … More