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Gordon: A Flash runtime written in JavaScript

Ok, I’m super stoked about the possibilities of this one. Gordon is an open source Flashâ„¢ runtime written in pure JavaScript. Give some of these demos a try on your iPhone. They don’t run as fast as they do on the computer but OMG Flash on the iPhone! (thanks Mark)

Happy 25th Birthday Macintosh!

Marcin Wichary

Phusion Passenger (mod_rails) Memory Management

I’ve been using Phusion Passenger (mod_rails) for about a month to run a production and staging machine with a Ruby on Rails app. So far things have been going really well. Installation was smooth and it’s been really peppy. However, the app just got hit by a lot of people at once and stopped responding. I didn’t realize the default … More

WordPress 2.5 is officially out

It’s official. WordPress 2.5 is now out with a crisp new admin interface and great new features. They’ve even redone the website. Here are some of my favorite changes: A beautiful new admin interface. A much more intuitive flow when making a post. Multiple instant file uploads. Thumbnail, medium and full-sized image options (and you can change the image dimensions … More

OS X Leopard

CompUSA is running a $30 rebate special today and tomorrow on OS X 10.5 (Leopard). Now is a great time to pick up a copy if you’re planning on upgrading. As you can see, I’ll be installing mine after I finish this post (and backup my stuff).

The New iPhone… Disassembled

(photo via Think Secret) Last night, at 6:00 PM, Apple and AT&T released the iPhone (to most of you this is no surprise). I’m not sure why this tends to be the case these days but the first thing to appear online after the release were multiple sites taking the iPhone apart and putting it through some stress tests (*tear*). … More

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Joint Interview

In case you weren’t aware of it, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates did a joint interview at D5 last night. Steve and Bill have contributed incredible things to the world and appear to have a great deal of respect for each other. Check out all of the video clips from the event. Above is the Highlight Reel with some of … More