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The Architect and Builder Dilemma

(Originally uploaded by sweetsexything) One of the problems I’ve seen over the years, in corporations where I’ve worked and as a business owner, is the misconception that a builder (a developer in this case) can quote a project without the blueprints. I often times receive a request for a quote (10 pages long) and it says something like this: We … More

More Proof That Simplicity Pays

While actually on a flight, I came across an interesting New York Times article discussing US Airways bid to acquire Delta. Now, I’m interested in this possible acquisition due to all of my travels but more so due to the charts they provided. As you probably noticed, US Airways and Delta rank pretty high in customer complaints, which doesn’t bode … More

Net Neutrality Interview with Craig Aaron of Free Press

If you’ve not heard about Net Neutrality please listen to the most recent and extremely informative Conversation with Andy Coon (about 25 minutes long). Everyone needs to know how important the issue of Net Neutrality is and how Congress is trying to push a law that would give telephone and cable companies the ability to decide what we see on … More

The Joys of Developing on a Mac

I recently read a great article by Sam Stephenson of 37signals where he shows some of the difficulties Microsoft creates for developers (and all users). He’s recorded 2 screencasts that perfectly portray what it’s like working on Windows versus working on a Mac. Check out his installation of a script debugger on Windows Visa and then on Mac OS X. … More

Earthlink’s Nonexistent World Domination

As an Earthlink subscriber I noticed something odd about a month ago. Instead of my normal browser error when I entered a website that doesn’t exist I got redirected to this: You’ve got to see the page to believe it – advertisements and all. Isn’t this too close to adware or spam? I didn’t ask for this information and I … More