I am John: A web virtuoso,
A WordPress hacker,
A pixel-perfect CSS-er.

I eat IE bugs for breakfast.

I’m a passionate web developer who loves to spread knowledge and coding goodness. I received one of those expensive pieces of paper that says I know B.S. in Computer Science and a bit about Mathematics (honestly, I really loved school). Fortunately, the web industry is more about actual results and, like most developers, I learned by doing and reading online. I travel as much as possible and consider NY my second home where most of my business contacts reside.

When I’m not working I explore attractions of cities around the world, hike, mountain bike, eat dinner with friends, hang with the family, exercise, run, living room DJ, and read books on my iPad.


  • Taking a PSD and turning it to a functioning pixel-perfect website
  • Squashing Internet Explorer CSS bugs
  • Communicating technical ideas with real people and not just geeks
  • Truly caring about a project


  • Working on too many projects at once (I love what I do)
  • Nerdy women wearing glasses
  • Getting distracted from work on warm sunny days