Plugin: Bookmark A Page In Your PDF

With the long, yet wonderful, books in PDF format these days (Agile Web Development with Rails by Dave Thomas and David Heinemeier Hansson with Leon Breedt, Mike Clark, Thomas Fuchs, and Andreas Schwarz [570 pages]; Programming Ruby by Dave Thomas, with Chad Fowler and Andy Hunt [864 pages]) there needs to be a better way to digitally bookmark where you left off. For some reason Adobe Reader (Acrobat Reader) doesn’t have this capability built in. I found a plugin for Acrobat Reader to do multiple bookmarks per document from PDF Hacks. However, I really just want it to be simple like a physical book – you bookmark the page you’re on when you stop and go to that page when you pick back up. So here is my plugin to bookmark your page in Adobe Reader.


PDF Bookmark 1.2

Change Log:

  • 1.2 – Nov 30, 2008 – Use documentFileName on PDFs that don’t have a docID. Add French translation (TitCouille). Add installation paths for Linux (TitCouille).
  • 1.1 – Dec 20, 2007 – Update to work with Adobe Reader 8 due to security changes (app.trustedFunction)
  • 1.0 – Sep 15, 2006 – Initial release


Adobe Reader 9 – copy pdf_bookmark.js to:

  • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Acrobat/9.0_x86/JavaScripts (or similar)
  • Linux: /home/[User Name]/.adobe/Acrobat/9.0/JavaScripts/
  • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\[User Name]\Application Data\Adobe\Acrobat\9.0\JavaScripts (or similar)
  • Windows 7 & Vista: C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Acrobat\9.0\JavaScripts

Adobe Reader 8 – copy pdf_bookmark.js to:

  • Mac: ~/Library/Acrobat User Data/8.0_x86/JavaScripts (or similar)
  • Linux: /home/[User Name]/.adobe/Acrobat/8.0/JavaScripts/
  • Windows: C:\Documents and Settings\[User Name]\Application Data\Adobe\Acrobat\8.0\JavaScripts (or similar)

Adobe Reader 7 – copy pdf_bookmark.js to:

  • Mac: ~/Library/Acrobat User Data/7.0/JavaScripts (or similar)
  • Linux: /home/[User Name]/.adobe/Acrobat/7.0/JavaScripts/
  • Windows: C:\Documents and Settings\[User Name]\Application Data\Adobe\Acrobat\7.0\JavaScripts (or similar)

Note: you may have to create the JavaScripts folder if it doesn’t exist. Thanks for all of the comments and emails about working systems and folder!


Open your document in Adobe Reader. Then choose Tools -> Bookmark from the menu. “Bookmark This Page” adds the bookmark. “Go To Bookmark” sends you to the bookmark you created. It remembers which PDF document you bookmarked so it works on all of your PDFs simultaneously. (Tested with Acrobat Reader 7, Adobe Reader 8 (thanks Michael) and Adobe Reader 9 on Mac OS X, Linux (thanks TitCouille) and Windows)

PDF Bookmark Plugin Screenshot (8.0)

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  1. What Sean said. And I fixed the link. Thanks!

  2. that was very helpful, thank you very much guys.

  3. Cheers John, was exactly what I was after.

    I have to agree it seems a bit mad this feature isn’t built into acrobat reader. Guess some of life simplicities get overlooked in the transition to the digital era!

  4. This is awesome. It is shocking that such basic functionality isn’t part of Adobe Reader. What is worse, Adobe uses the word “bookmark” for something related but different, making web searches for
    “real” bookmarks a pain in the neck. (I finally found this page using “acrobat reader bookmark a page”; use the current name of “adobe reader” and you’re out of luck.)

    I got this working under Adobe Reader 8 for OS X. The right directory for me was ~/Library/Acrobat User Data/8.0_x86/JavaScripts


  5. Michael, thanks for the heads up and testing this in Adobe Reader 8! I made a couple of changes to the post to reflect your findings.

  6. Thanks John for the plugin. Works great.

  7. I had been pulling out my hair searching Adobe Reader 8 via F1(no help there!)for what I had thought would be a given. Keeping track of where I left off on my collection of various ebooks required an equally varied collection of Post-its. So much for paperless! Thanks so much for this plugin.

  8. OMG! Thankyou for this excellent plugin.

    I cannot believe that adobe didn’t have such a fundamental usability option by default.

    I’m on Vista Ultimate using adobe reader 8.1.1 and I copied the javascript to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader\Javascripts and it works just fine, again, thankyou.

  9. Very useful plugin, thanks.

  10. Can this be used with the Windows Mobile Adobe Reader?

  11. Hi Ray, I don’t think it’s possible. The plugin is written with Javascript. I found this in the “Acrobat Reader for Pocket PC User Guide“:

    “Note: Adobe Reader for Pocket PC supports the scripting language FormCalc. It doesn’t support JavaScript, cannot update or validate calculations automatically, or populate a form’s fields automatically from a database.”

  12. Wow! Thank you so much for this. :) I’ve been looking for this feature for a long time, now reading on my PC won’t be such a pain.

  13. Its indeed a great feature and very helpful.
    Adobe has made good software but should include this plugin.
    Anyways, thanks a lot.

  14. Excellent plugin!!! I’ve been looking for these feature in adobe reader from quite some time. It’s so simply I don’t understand why Adobe hasn’t implemented it. Thanks a lot!!! You just made my ebook reading a lot easier!!!

  15. Great plugin ! I was looking for something like that for a long time, since Adobe forgot to add this basic functionality (but very useful)

    I tested the script on Ubuntu and Fedora 8 and it’s working very well.

    I was wondering if there is a way to move the bookmarks to another computer.. Where is the information about the bookmark saved ?

  16. Hi lonut, glad to hear it works on Linux!

    On OS X the saved bookmark data is stored in:

    ~/Library/Acrobat User Data/8.0_x86/JavaScripts/glob.js

    On Windows it’s stored in:

    C:\Documents and Settings\[User Name]\Application Data\Adobe\Acrobat\8.0\JavaScripts\glob.js

    I imagine it’s similar on Linux and if you copy the glob.js to the other machine it should transfer just fine.

    Let us know if it works!


  17. Thank you very much! My main gripe about acrobat reader has been this simple functionality, the electronic equivalent of the physical bookmark. Now if only I can get it to work on Adobe Reader LE on Tytn II as well…

  18. Works great! Just a tip for user klutzes like me: I couldn’t find the location he was listing for Windows, until I remembered to change the View setting so I could see hidden files. Then there it was.

  19. Works like a charm. Thanks.

    I tried the PDF hacks bookmarker and got an internal error in one of my PDFs.

    But your bookmarker works great.

    I originally wanted to create my own PDF reader/bookmarker based on Adobe AIR but encountered problems along the way.

    I think I’m sticking with your approach for now.

    Thanks again.

  20. It doesn’t work for me, what am I doing wrong? I copied the file to the location, opened PDF file, did the bookmark, closed file, came back in, tried to go to the bookmark but it wouldn’t go.

  21. I installed this per instructions. I am sure I did everything as stated – no problems finding the appropriate folders, etc., but I could not get it to work. I tried restarting Reader and even rebooting. But it’s not showing up in the menu.

    Any idea what’s wrong? I’ve got Reader 8.

  22. It’s a great and simple.

    i would like to get keyboard shortcuts.

    It will be great!.

    anyway thanks a lot.

  23. What operating system are you on and what’s the exact version of Adobe Reader that you’re using if it’s not working for you?

  24. I’m on XP, Adobe 8.1.2.

    I installed that other plugin (pdf hacks) and that one worked fine.

  25. i48998, do you know if the information is being stored in the glob.js file (C:\Documents and Settings\[User Name]\Application Data\Adobe\Acrobat\8.0\JavaScripts\glob.js)? It should say something about “global.pdf_bookmark=”. I tested it on Windows XP with Adobe Reader 8.1.2 and its working fine for me. Any error messages or other strange things happening?


  26. I just wanted to say thank you for this great Acrobat Reader plugin you have made. I have to agree that the omission of this very basic usability feature in Reader is typical of a big company trying to get people to upgrade to the writer version of Acrobat. Probably some marketing decision that was agreed upon with open arms. Who knows? Anyways, I personally think a bookmark feature is and will be an imperative staple to electronic books and PDF reading. What you have made perfectly solves the problem Adobe should have solved originally.

    Well, keep up the great work John!

  27. I’ve been using this plugin for a while (thanks!), but had some issues after upgrading Ubuntu — the upgraded wiped out Acrobat Reader. I reinstalled it, but forgot to reinstall the plugin. It turns out the Linux 8.1.2 version of Acrobat Reader, at least, does indeed have this feature built in. The setting is buried, however. Go to Document – Accessibility Setup Assistant, click the “Next” button until you get to the last screen of the assistant, and there it is, “Reopen documents to the last viewed page”.

  28. Man, this is sooo sweet. I’ve been looking for it for a loooong time. Thnkx a whole bunch.

  29. Whoooo hoooo… last someone actually made something usefull….no really well done….simple perfect works beautiful

  30. Thanks!! Great! Thanks for taking the time to post this for everyone’s benefit.

  31. Hi! The bookmark function appeared in the Reader only after I restarted my computer.

  32. Doesn’t work. The plugin shows up in the tool menu but when I bookmark a page, close the pdf and open it, then “go to bookmark” nothing happens. Is it dependent on how a pdf was created?

  33. Searched bookmark page pdf on google and found this.. just what i was looking for! thanks!

  34. I second what Michael has said on June 27th. Thank you for taking the time to make this available.

  35. Great. It works. But only the latest page added as bookmark is shown. Is it possible to view more than 1 bookmarked pages.

  36. Fantastic! I’ve wished reader has a bookmark for ages. Previously I’ve had to rename the file with the page number in the title, but that was tedious and sometimes I’d forget.

    This works perfectly with v9 as well.

  37. Hey. The plug-in doesn’t work for me. I am running on Windows XP Professional and using Adobe Acrobat 7.0.

    This error shows up:

    Windows Script Host
    Script: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 7.0\Reader\Javascripts\pdf_bookmark.js
    Line: 48
    Char: 1
    Error: ‘self’ is undefined
    Code: 800A1391
    Source: Microsoft JScript runtime error

    Any help is much appreciated.


  38. do you have a version for acrobat reader 9? I followed your instructions with acrobat 8, seems not be working.


  39. sorry it worked already. its in View menu item. i was looking in Tools item.

  40. Thanks. How can I remove a bookmark?

  41. Hmm I got it working on Linux (Ubuntu) with acrobat 8, but the same page is now permanently bookmarked. That is, I bookmarked a page, came back to it after reopening acrobat, but now whenever I ‘go to bookmark’ I’m taken to that first bookmarked page, regardless of how many times I bookmark a later page.

    Weird, and annoying. It seems that if I close and then reopen acrobat after bookmarking a new page, it goes to the correct page. However if I log out or restart the machine, the ‘go to bookmark’ command takes me to that originally bookmarked page. I guess this is something to do with the bookmark being saved in some temporary location that gets deleted…

    Any ideas?

  42. Thanks a lot! Works great on linux with acroread 8.1.2

  43. works great also in acrobat 9.0 (windows xp sp2). thanks a lot. makes one wonder why it hasn’t been build-in by adobe.

  44. Works for me with Acrobat 9.0. The path for Vista is quite different tho, its :


    Thanks again!

  45. any way to get this to work in foxit?

    Posted this question to yahoo answers.

  46. Will it work with acrobat pro 7?

  47. Thank you! It works! Tried using the PDF Hack version but somehow crashes when switching to different pdf files.


  48. Yes, it does work in Acrobat Pro 7 … after you enable it!

    Edit –> Preferences –> Javascript –> [CHECK] Enable menu items JavaScript execution privileges

    Thanks John, I appreciate the shared script. Works perfect!

  49. You Rock.”!!”

  50. Wow dude its wrking for vista.
    Thx a lot
    it saved me a lot of time recovering which page i have read last night.

  51. I have a problem with this utility in that it does not work for all my EBooks that I get from say OReilly or Epress etc but it does work for all other PDF’s.

    I debugged the script and the problem is that the offending PDF’s dont return a this.docID. Has anyone else experienced this issus?

    Is there another field I could use as a unique identifier?

    I have a temporary hack where I use a fixed identifer if the DocID is null but this will only work for one book which is a shame especially since most of the books I use are EBooks.

  52. Great tooll, thanks

  53. Great!
    Thanks a bunch.

  54. Sorry that this has taken a while but if you’ve been having problems please try version 1.2. I believe it will fix the issue of not being able to create a bookmark.

    Glad everyone is enjoying the plugin!

  55. For German wording in the menu open the pdf_bookmark.js with wordpad MFC or whatever editor you whish and add

    ‘DEU’: {
    bookmark: ‘Lesezeichen’,
    bookmarkThisPage: ‘Lesezeichen setzen’,
    gotoBookmark: ‘Zum Lesezeichen springen’

    to the “var Traslation”
    Don´t forget to add a comma ‘,’ behind the swung brace of the ‘FRA’ entry.
    Similarly you can add any language you whish, the text in quotes is replacable by any words you whish (I think up to a spcific number of characters…) ;o)

  56. hello there im trying to install this on my mac machine leopard using acrobat 9. when i go to the folder /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Acrobat there is no 9.0_x86 folder just com.adobe.Reader folderand RdrENU90SelfHeal.xml file.

    i have tried creating the 9.0_x86 folder but no joy. can someone please help


  57. phil, thanks for the translation. I’ll add that to the next release.

    rasoul, are there any other directories that are similar such as “~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Acrobat/9.0/JavaScripts” or “~/Library/Acrobat User Data/9.0_x86/JavaScripts”?

  58. hi john

    im afraid not. looked everywhere and no folders by those names.

  59. rasoul, make sure at least one PDF has been opened in Adobe Reader and then closed. Next, try searching for the file names ‘glob.js’ and ‘glob.settings.js’ on your computer. That may point you to the JavaScripts folder.

  60. Thanks from Mexico, have been wanting something like this for a while but was to lazy to program it.

  61. thank you!
    this information helped me a lot!
    n thank you commenters because i got further information from ur comments!

  62. Hi, I really like what you hve done. So many times I have said the same thing bout adobe’s lack of actual reading bookmarks. I prefer sumatra pdf in windows than adobe reader. Is there any chance you could make plugin for sumatra? Thanks. And Right On.

  63. sarah, I don’t know anything about sumatra pdf or if you can develop plugins for it. However, it does appear from a quick search that the program saves the last location of the pdf when you close the program.

  64. Adobe hijacks the word ‘Bookmark’ and yet don’t provide the function the users expect to see from this word.

    Thanks for sharing this useful piece of code.

  65. Thanks.
    I always wondered why I couldn’t figure out how to use the acrobat bookmark feature. It was because it wasn’t there.
    I will now read a few long pdf books!

  66. Omg… i’m o loving this plugin… but pls can u add a shortcut for bookmarking and restoring, i think the would be great. Thanks

  67. splynx, I have looked at the documentation for this but haven’t found a way to add shortcut keys. If anyone knows of a way to do this definitely let me know and I’ll add it.

  68. thanks man! very cool plugin. exactly what i was looking for!

  69. Thank you, I am looking for this plugIn, exactly this one, Thanks

  70. Works perfectly, thanks !

  71. Sweeeet. Thanks a ton.

  72. Thank you so much. Just what I needed.

  73. I read a lot of large (20MB+) PDF files and remember where I left off sometimes in 1,000+ pages, this thing is great! Especially for me as a student! Thanks!!

  74. Great plugin. You made my life much easier! Works fine on XP Media Center sp3 with Adobe Reader 9. Thank you for taking the time to write the script and sharing.

  75. this is awesome, thank you (to the power of infinite :))

    adobe should pay u a huge royalty :)))))

  76. Hi

    For Acrobat Reader 9 and Vista you have to copy the file to :

    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 9.0\Reader\Javascripts

    Thanks v. much for this, it really helps a lot.

  77. Thanks, this has helped a lot!

  78. Thanks, this is such a simple way to solve a very annoying oversight in acrobat reader.

  79. thanks!
    any way to do an upgrade to your hack, to make a “visible” kind of “postit” “real bookmark”?

  80. This worked like a charm. Thanks a lot!

  81. Absolutely unbelievable that this isn’t a built in feature. This link will be shared many times. Thank you!

  82. Thanks for this wonderful and simple plug-in.

    It is crazy that Adobe Reader does not have this kind of basic functionality built in!

  83. Wow, thanks dudes! I have to question every day I wake up why haven’t Adobe included something like this thing to this date with their reader! I agree that Adobe should be paying whoever made this thing and take the copyright.

  84. what a great feature!, it’s really strange that Adobe didn’t add this feature to Adobe Reader!

  85. Thanks ! it’s really useful.. I like Adobe Reader but it’s a pity that Adobe Reader doesn’t have this feature .That’s why i have installed foxit reader too .Now I can uninstall Foxit ..

  86. I wanted to comment and thank the author, good stuff

  87. Thanks for this very handy script! I couldn’t believe it wasn’t built in. I’ve got one of those huge Excel 2007 books I want to chip away at for work. A simple bookmark is just what I needed.

  88. Thank you very much! That was quick.
    I believe some versions of adobe reader do have bookmarks(please correct me if I’m wrong), but I wonder why they wouldn’t include this simple feature in every version?

  89. Thanks a bunch!

  90. Thank you very much,
    For years i have been creating text files that contain my page positions in the pdf books i’m reading – that’s now finaly over.

    I would love to know where and how your script saves the page data?

  91. @Tzveeka, Adobe Reader allows the plugin to save data to a global javascript file. So, the code just takes the current page you’re viewing and saves that to the file. If you’re familiar with javascript, open the plugin in a text editor and you can see how it’s done.

  92. Thanks!!!

  93. Fantastic! Exactly what I was looking for.

  94. Sweet, thanks for the awesome plugin and also directions for using it.
    Works fine in XP + Adobe Reader 8 (trial version).
    Have been searching for such a plugin, din’t even thought this would be this easy. :D
    Thanks a ton.

  95. Thanks for this great plugin! It’s going to make reading pdf books a lot easier.

  96. It works! thanks!

  97. Thank You. You made my day….

  98. Brilliant. Many sincere thanks.

  99. Simple and accurate. Good job.

  100. Excellent tool thanks!

  101. thanks for this nice and simple to install plugin. i still can’t believe such an important basic functionality was overlooked. thanks

  102. Great plugin.

    I have a small suggestion, I like to start scrolling using the keyboard immediately after moving to the bookmarked page.

    I have therefore changed your script a little bit, I use:
    instead of
    this.pageNum = data[n];

  103. Simple but essential tool that the people at Adobe neglected to include in 9 versions of reader. Thanks.

  104. This plugin is great, I’ve used it for some time. I have a new laptop with Windows Server 2008, and Adobe Reader 9…anyone know the right folder to put the javascript in?
    I’ve tried several, but I can’t seem to get it to work.

  105. Ah, got it figured out. Just like Vista, it’s “C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Acrobat\9.0\JavaScripts

    I guess you have to give it a second to load the javascript…I was opening a PDF, going right to the tools menu, and I couldn’ see it. If you open a PDF, then wait like 2-3 seconds, THEN open the tools menu, it’s there.

    Sweet. thanks for writing this plugin, it’s the bees knees I tell ya. I love it.

  106. This is great… simple, but does exactly what I needed. Great job. Thanks a lot John

  107. Great little plugin. I have Acrobat Pro which apparently has full bookmark functionality only it doesn’t work with encrypted pdf files. Your script is a big help.

  108. Great plugin. Just what I needed.

    Thanks a lot!

  109. Problems Faced and Solution Found
    It not work with Adobe Reader 9.1.2
    (Installed on Windows-XP-SP2)
    It does not show the new menu item under Tools menu.

    1. Uninstalled Adobe Reader 9.1.2
    2. Installed older version of Adobe Reader 8.1.2
    3. Created the folder “JavaScripts” (it did not exist)
    4. Copied the “pdf_bookmark.js” file to it.

    Note: Needed to restart the Adobe Reader and wait for few seconds for the new menu item to appear.

    It worked for me with the above steps.

    Hope it would help others facing similar problem.

  110. OMG thx so much =) i tried another one before and it never worked -.- kept on saying “an internal error occurred” ><"

  111. Cheers!! It even works on windows 7 :



  112. Thanks! Works perfectly on WinXP SP3 and Adobe Reader 9.1.2, installed according to the “official” instructions. 9.1.2 was installed over 8.x though.

  113. Thanks John! I’m looking for exactly the same thing. I’m reading a self-learning ebook and this will let me resume quickly from where I left off.

    Do you know of any scripts that will allow me to “write” answers to exercises in an ebook?

  114. @YK Tan, If commenting is enabled on the PDF you can add sticky notes but I don’t know of any other ways to “write” to a document inside of Adobe Reader.

  115. Hi again… I have been using your utility and recently I realized that adobe reader (including few older versions – tested with ver. 8.1.2) have similar functionality built in.

    This is how to it gets activated (Through Edit Menu):
    Edit > Preferences > Documents > “Restore last view settings when reopening documents”
    Ticking this check box would make Adobe Reader reopen each document on the same page when it was closed.

    This was not too intuitive…

    Hope it helps all those who could not get your utility working on their Computers.

  116. Thanks a lot for sharing! Brilliant plugin!

    Just a suggestion: as another comment said, the folder structure is a little different in Vista, which confused me a bit. Perhaps you should update the page with that info.

    Anyway, thanks a million again, I love it!!

  117. This is a wonderful stuff….thanx a lot…a rlly gr8 effort..thannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  118. it also works with adobe reader 9 on OS X! thanks!

  119. Rajesh,

    Good post. I was just about to post the same thing.

    Not only does it restore the page but also the view settings (page zoom, scrolling, etc.)

    It isn’t intuitive but it accomplishes what this plugin does and more.

    EDIT -> PREFERENCES -> DOCUMENTS -> [Check] Restore last view settings when reopening documents

  120. It works great. thank you.

  121. well with reader 9.1.3 it shows under the tools menu but has no effect what so ever unless you tick the Preferences | JavaScript | Enable menu items JavaScript execution privilege checkbox. This I’m assuming is normally unticked upon installation. I almost gave up on this plugin.

    Great job BTW!!!

  122. Yes! Thanks! I had to find the folder in Vista, but it works like a charm!

  123. @chris, I’m using reader 9.1.3, still have that menu item unchecked, and it works just fine.

    I also tried moving the pdf to a different folder to see if it would still remember the bookmark. Still works great. The PDF Hacks plugin is ok for having multiple bookmarks that you want to give a name for future reference. But this one is a must-have for anyone who intends to read a book on their computer.

    Thanks for coding this!

  124. It works well on Windows 7 with Abobe Reader 9.0.

    The javascript must be located here:


  125. To help ease the search on this one:
    adobe reader bookmark plugin

    Thank you!

  126. I spent the larger part of today trying to add shortcut functionality into your javascript. I couldn’t find such a thing in the documentation.

    Too bad… I accidentally pressed the wrong button a few times…

  127. Thank you very much . .
    Good Stuff Man Keep up the Good Work . .
    Your Java Script File (.js)Works like a Charm on Ubuntu Karmic 9.10

    Thanks Again . . .

  128. ** Sorry for the double post but i forgot to mention that i’m using the latest version of Adobe Reader 9.10.

    Thanks Again

  129. Does this only make one bookmark at a time? If I set a bookmark and then set another one, is the first one overwritten (lost)?

    I would love the ability to bookmark several pages, like I do with sticky notes in a physical book.



  130. 10x. Great program. I have win 7 OS and I was a bit confused where to put the script file. In my case was “C:\Users\John\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Acrobat\9.0\JavaScripts” Roaming was missing. First I put it in” C:\Users\John\AppData\Local\Adobe\Acrobat\9.0″ making a folder Java Scripts but it didn’t work. Could you pls make it clear in the instructions that for win 7 the file should be put in the Roaming not Local folder.
    Thank you very much again.

  131. I have saved a copy to the correct location, yet do not see bookmark as an option in adobe. What am I doing wrong? I’m definately a non-tech type person, but need this feature.

  132. @zahari, thanks for the feedback. I’ll make sure that gets added in the next update.

    @renee, which operating system and version of Adobe Reader are you using? The plugin may need to be copied to a different location. Many users have left comments stating where the plugin should be copied with their OS and Adobe Reader version.

  133. Thanks for this plugin.

    I have noticed that after adding this, my PDF maker stopped working, normally I use to convert msdoc to pdf using convert to pdf using a plugin in msword.

    Any comments or anyone else has this same issue?

  134. Hi John,

    The issue I had while converting docs to pdf using pdfmaker is not at all related to your plugin, sorry about this.

    Thanks for the reply albeit.


  135. Thanks, John.
    It works with Windows 95, Adobe Reader 9.1.3.
    It is just the plugin I was googling for.

    Frank Altea

  136. Really great..and I spent years typing the page i stopped on a wordpad document to load it later. LOL.
    Thanks again really saved me a lot of time.keep it up!

  137. I’m using vista. There’s no document and setting. So I went to C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Acrobat\9.0

    Since there’s no JavaScripts folder, I create one and copy the jsf into it. Still, when I open a pdf file using Acrobat Reader 9.0, no bookmark on tools menu.

    Something wrong…., but I don’t know what.


  138. Excellent !! It works great .. A very very useful piece of tool :) Thanks a tunn.

  139. @Ein, I don’t have a Vista system to test with but some of the users have commented that the following worked for them depending on your version of Windows and Adobe Reader:

    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader\Javascripts
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 9.0\Reader\Javascripts

  140. @Thanks John.

    It doesn’t work for some and works for others. Guess there are several PDF files that won’t let themselves be tricked, eh. ^_^

  141. @Ein, if you don’t mind emailing me a PDF that isn’t working I can do some tests and see if I can figure out what might be happening. My email is on the homepage in the right column. Thanks.

  142. @John. E-mail sent.

  143. Thank you man, You have no idea how many times I searched for something like this on google.

  144. Wonderful. So glad I found this. Thanks.

  145. Awesome. Thank you!

  146. Great! I am reading a textbook in PDF with 1200 pages, where I have to go back and return to actual page again and again. I thought that Adobe Reader has some bookmark function, and when I saw it hasn’t, I tried Google, and so I am here :-) .
    When author say that there is not some neat way how to add a keyboard shortcuts, I use workaround using AutoHotkey . Used part of .ahk script looks like this:
    ; Adobe Reader Ctrl-Z “Go to bookmark”, F12 “Bookmark this page”
    $^z:: ;Ctrl-Z ,blocked against looping
    IfWinActive, Adobe Reader
    SendInput !t {Up}{Right}{Down}{Enter}
    SendInput ^z
    IfWinActive, Adobe Reader
    SendInput !t {Up}{Right}{Enter}
    SendInput {F12}

  147. Hello!
    I would love to use this, but I’m fasing the same issue as “rasoul” did.
    Can’t find the right place for the javascript file on my Mac (running snowleopard) can’t find any glob.js or glob.settings.js files either.
    I have the latest update of Adobe Acrobat reader 9.

    Any suggestions?

    Regards Calle

  148. simple..yet awesome plugin..i can’t believe those people at Adobe’s think tank forgot to include this on their reader..or maybe they intend to omit it altogether..

    anyways..thanks a lot for the plugin..made my pdf reading experience a bit more enjoyable..

  149. I have Adobe Reader 9.3.0. It works fine for me.
    Thankyou for a useful script. It is most useful where you are reading a book that can have hundreds of pages.

  150. This is great! Thank you very much.

  151. I’m using Reader 9.3, WinXP, I put the script in C:\Program Fules\Adobe\Reader 9.0\Reader\Javascripts and the option is available thru “View Menu”.

  152. Thank you very much. It is much easier now to read books in Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is hard hard to believe they forgot to include this option.

  153. This is Great!!! :D I dont know why they did not include this.. ebook reading will be better nw :P

  154. Wonderful! And many thanks!!!

    However, i have a suggestion:
    Since the two options “bookmark page” and “go to bookmark” are right next to eachother, i can see a time when the mouse slips and I accidentally bookmark the wrong page! Is it possible to insert a dialog box of some sort and ask “are you sure?” when setting a book mark?

  155. you guys are GENIUSES! I’ve been looking for this functionality for longer than I care to admit. Thanks for making it available…seriously lifechanging.

  156. So… did anyone ever resolve the “An internal error occurred” message? I get it on every PDF except the first one, which I did successfully bookmark.

  157. This is great!!! So much for always trying to remember where I left off! THANKS SO MUCH!

  158. Oh I forgot to mention that I have Windows 7 x86 and I had a hard time findin where to copy the javascript. Ended up trying it in C:/Program files (x86)/Adobe/Reader 9.0/Reader/Javascripts/
    And it worked!

  159. Tested in Adobe Acrobat 10.1.3. Works well!!
    Put the file in C:\Users\[User name]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Acrobat\10.0\JavaScripts and the option will be available in the Tools menu (in the lowest layer of the tool bar)

  160. I got it to show up in Acrobat Reader on Windows 7
    Directory: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader 11.0\Reader\Javascripts\”
    Modify line 165 to the following:
    cParent: “View”,
    as the Tools menu is no longer there.