Web-Based Simulation Development

I apologize for falling off the radar for the past month+. I’ve been couped up in my hole (my home/office) working on a web-based revenue management simulation for the hospitality industry.

As many of you know, I do several training events around the world with the hospitality industry. Two weeks ago, we used the new simulation in a training course for HSMAI in Boca Raton, Florida. The course was fantastic and, as a web developer, it’s really special to see what you’ve built help others.

During the past 2, years I’ve been able to see the power of simulation based training first hand. The lazier side of us wants to believe that pushing someone into a training simulation will help them learn everything they need to know but I don’t believe that is the best approach. The most successful format I’ve seen comes from coupling learning concepts and techniques with participants applying them in a real-to-life simulation. There’s so much knowledge to be gained by presenting topics to a group but it really sticks after hands-on application of the new ideas. I’ve also seen that putting participants in small teams enhances the learning. They are able to collaborate and learn from one another during the process.

I’ll be in Brussels next month (June 11-13) using the simulation at a training event and also giving a presentation at the HITEC conference (June 25-26) in Orlando, Florida. On the way back from Brussels I’m stopping in New York so if you’re around any of these locations and want to chat please let me know.